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Your Roof

Your roof is the most vital component protecting your home. When that system has been compromised, the result can be costly & very inconvenient. While there are countless issues your roof could be suffering from, it is wise to have your roof inspected every few years by a local roofing contractor to prevent severe damages to your home.

Damages to your roof that are a direct result of storm damage: water, wind or hail must be thoroughly inspected by a roofing professional as well as your insurance company. Damages should be documented & corrected properly. In the event of catastrophic hail, roof replacement will be warranted by your insurance company. Your roofing contractor can assist you through the insurance claim process. Having a trusted professional on your side makes this process much simpler. 

Damage caused by animal or insect intrusion, tree damage or other damages not caused by normal wear & tear, poor installation or maintenance can be claimed through insurance but may result in repairs. Depending on the severity of the damages coupled with the overall condition of the roof, total roof replacement may be a better option.

While you can't control the weather, home maintenance is the biggest factor in prolonging the longevity of your roof. First, make sure when your roof is replaced, ensure it's done so by a trusted local roofing contractor who's insured & factory certified through the manufacturer. Second, the life of your roof depends on you. Always have your roof inspected after a severe storm. It's better to be safe than sorry. If you suspect your roof has been damaged and/or is leaking, call your roofing contractor immediately. Do not assume it is okay. Keep debris from building up in valleys, low-slopes & gutters.

Remember, it only takes one nail, one tree limb, one raccoon or one severe storm to cause the damages below. The longer these damages go uncorrected, the bigger and more costly the repair or replacement. Please do not attempt to climb on or repair your roof. Always call a professional to inspect & diagnose & address the problem.

Balcones Roofing & Remodeling cares deeply about our relationships with our clients as we do with our work. We aim to provide the proper solution for your home in an expedited fashion & to the highest quality. If you have any questions regarding your roof & would like an inspection, feel free to call, email or link up with us on social media.


When our sign goes in your yard, you know we've got you covered.

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This is a severe hail strike in Georgetown, Texas in 2020, This strike penetrated two layers of shingles, felt underlayment & wood decking! This is why it is important to have your roof inspected following a hail storm.

When was the last time you had your roof inspected?

The photos above are just some of the issues we discover while inspecting roofs in the Austin area on a daily basis. It's rare to inspect a roof over 10-years-old & not find potential or existing problems due to poor installation, animal intrusion, or some variation of storm damage. 

Many of these problems cannot be seen from the ground or by an untrained eye. Roof inspections & preventative 
maintenance are the best way to prolong the life of a roof. Depending on the overall age & condition of the roof, repairs may not be the best solution & roof replace is needed.

We also offer many exterior services to complete your roofing project. Often, many roof installations are companied by other necessary or critical repairs that need to be addressed in order to install a beautiful, long-lasting roof.

Things like rotting fascia, trim, soffit, siding, gutters & paint are on the to-do list to consider when replacing a roof. Ignoring these 
unsightly repairs can tarnish the overall look of your home, create moisture & critter problems in the as well as cost you much more down the road. We recommend having all of this work completed at one time with a roof installation.


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Want a hail-proof roof?

The F-Wave Revia provides unrivaled protection against severe hail, high winds & brutal heat - all while offering a beautiful designer curb appeal, increased ROI, a 50-year warranty & an exclusive 5-year hail warranty. We're offering F-Wave to our clients who simply want the best.

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Home & Yard Protection

Balcones goes above & beyond to protect your home & yard while installing your brand new roof.

The Catch-All catchment system protects your shrubs & flower beds, grass, pools and gardens as well as your siding, decks, patios, windows & garage door during the tear-off process. 

One nail left behind is one nail too many. A clean job site is a standard for us we’re always looking for ways to enhance our clients’ experience with us.

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F-Wave & Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal  & F-Wave Installs in Hyde Park!

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GAF Timberline HDZ Install in Palmera Ridge

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