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News: Balcones Roofing & F-Wave

Updated: 5 days ago

It's no secret.

We love the F-Wave Revia. While our journey with the product has certainly had its ups & downs, we're in it for the long haul. Long-story-short, what we've been able to accomplish with F-Wave is quite remarkable.

As of right now, we're currently on track to become the #1 installer of F-Wave in the entire state of Texas & may very well lead the nation in installs in 2023. We've been experiencing great momentum as of late, installing a F-Wave roof a week for the last four consecutive weeks. We've also got a few installs scheduled in the upcoming weeks.

F-Wave Revia - Charcoal Blend (Round Rock, 2023)

Leads for the product have increased by 20% this year & homeowners have been more receptive to exploring the product in comparison to Class 4 asphalt shingles. That's great. Closing them has been easier said than done until recently.

While we're experiencing a boom, this has not the case throughout the year or in Austin as a whole. Other roofers struggle with selling the product while others simply don't care to even offer it. This has lead to a few problems.

It's great for us that other roofers can't or don't want to sell it but in the grand scheme of things, we need competition & we need to product to move here in the Austin area in order to keep it stocked here locally. A steep price increase nearly halted F-Wave sales for us in late 2022/early 2023. This increase elevated the price point to less than desirable for most homeowners. Understandable.

F-Wave Revia - Sonoma Estate (Austin, 2023)

The price increase coupled with the lack of interest from typical roofing outfits who have no desire in offering premium impact-resistant products led to Austin losing its only stocking distributor this year. F-Wave just moved too slow. When the product sells at job lot quantities compared to truckload quantities, that also affects pricing & overall lead times.

We recently met with a fellow roofing contractor here in the Austin area who has had some success with F-Wave. 2023 has been slow-going for them. Mainly due to pricing.

F-Wave also just lost their rep who covered the Austin, San Antonio & Houston markets. This is a problem because without representation in the field, less distributors, roofers & homeowners find out about the product. There is NOBODY installing F-Wave in San Antonio or Houston.

F-Wave Revia - Birchwood Blend (Cedar Park, 2023)

The bright side of all of this is that we have a great relationship with F-Wave & remain committed to working through hurdles to make the product more available to those who desire it. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that will drastically lower the price point but will take some time to develop. We're also looking into San Antonio & Houston markets for opportunity with F-Wave.

We have multiple installs now in Leander, Cedar Park, Austin, Pflugerville, Round Rock, Georgetown & have expanded down to San Marcos!

Overall, we're excited to be in the position we're in. Our small outfit is doing big numbers & have perfected this roofing system which far exceeds what other offer. The two brands are becoming synonymous with one another here in Austin. With the F-Wave Revia as our anchor, we've managed to make a name for ourselves in a metro with over 350 roofers.

We will update you on developments regarding distribution & pricing. If we can pull this off, we expect F-Wave sales to triple for us by this time next year. Our goal is to offer F-Wave at a competitive price point that cannot be beat & to establish the product as the go-to in impact-resistant shingles in the Austin market.

F-Wave Revia - Sonoma Estate (San Marcos, 2023)

As always, thank you for reading. If you have any questions regarding F-Wave or would like an estimate, contact us:

(512) 937-8805


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