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F-Wave Revia Survives Baseball-Sized Hail!

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Hello, all!

The hailstorm that rolled through the Greater Austin Metro on 9/24/23 dropped baseball-sized hail in Georgetown, Round Rock & in the Wells Branch & Mueller neighborhoods of Austin. Severe hail stretched from Georgetown all the way down to East Austin. It was an impressive storm for many reasons!

The timing of the storm caught everybody off guard. An early autumn hailstorm is the LAST thing on homeowners' minds (or roofing contractors, for that matter). For a storm of this magnitude to hit so late in the year is not unlikely by any means. However, it's not something we expect.

This storm couldn't have hit a more populated stretch along I-35 in the region. Also, this storm just destroyed most roofs replaced since 2020. This area in particular has been hit over & over again by severe hail over the last few years. Heck, we've got roofs that we replaced two months ago that have to be completely replaced again due to the severity of the damage. Many homeowners are right back where they started.

While this is a very frustrating ordeal for many, it leads to the conversation about installing longer-lasting, more impact-resistant products to combat hail. While severe hail is a threat multiple times a year in the Austin area, we usually get about 2-3 hailstorms a year somewhere in the metro region varying in severity. One of those drops 2"+ hail somewhere in town. This type of damage causes a tremendous amount to damage to shingles, gutters, siding, solar panels & windows, leading to an insurance claim.

Obviously, we're called out by many of our existing clients to inspect their roofs following storms like this. A few of those inspections have been for F-Wave roofs we installed over the last couple of years. We've been eager to see how well the F-Wave Revia actually holds up against severe & catastrophic hail.

Well, we finally have our answer.

One of our F-Wave installations in Round Rock from last summer took a direct hit from this catastrophic. We're talking 3"+ which is the equivalent to a baseball! Upon inspection, the we determined that the roof does not need to be replaced. You read that right! Does not need to be replaced!

We're blown away. Our client is blown away. There were roughly 12-15 total shingle tabs that sustained micro fractures & will need to be repaired but that's it! These micro fractures don't even appear to go through the entire shingle but we will replace them nonetheless. Strikes of this size obliterate asphalt shingles, even most "impact resistant" ones.

Another home Round Rock we installed a F-Wave Revia on last summer was hit with 2" & didn't have a dent on it. Hailstones up to 2" are covered in the F-Wave Revia's exclusive 5-year hail warranty. You won't get that from any other roofing product & that's what makes the F-Wave unique.

After witnessing what the F-Wave can REALLY handle, we're convinced! This is the way to go for impact-resistance in Central Texas! We couldn't be more thrilled to have had F-Wave as our featured product for the last two years. If you're tired of shelling out deductibles & going through the hassle of replacing your roof over & over again due to hail just to get the same products that can't withstand ONE Texas hailstorm, the time is now to explore other options.

Currently, we lead the entire state of Texas in F-Wave installations & we look forward to sharing the testimonials from this storm to homeowners! Our decision to pivot away from asphalt two years ago & mainly focus on F-Wave has set us apart from all other roofing companies in the region. While we do still install asphalt, we make a concerted effort to educate homeowners on different types of Class 4 impact-resistant products so they've got the information they need to make the best decision for their home.

You can check out this footage & a ton of our F-Wave content on our YouTube channel. I've posted the link below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us! I hope this information is helpful in assisting you in finding the right roofing product for your home!


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